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About 3Kings


3 Kings Grooming was founded in 2019 by three brothers; Michael, Brandon & Eric Nwankwo. With the vision of paying homage to the origins of the African diaspora, ‘The Motherland’, we began with focusing on hair and grooming, a common symbol of status, spirituality, and royalty within many ancient African civilizations. With this, came the birth of our staple product, the ‘Afro Pick’. We have chosen this as an authentic emblem of our connection as members of the African Diaspora.

Our vision is to exhibit the excellence of the Motherland. We understand that creating luxury products of the highest quality, starting with the ‘Afro Pick’, enables us to achieve this which is why doing so is, and will continue to be, of the utmost importance to 3 Kings Grooming. 


The ‘Afro Pick’ is not only a functional tool but a cultural symbol amongst the twentieth century African Diaspora, particularly with the new and growing appreciation for natural afro hair textures and grooming.

The ‘Pick’ originally dates back to 4000 B.C. during Ancient Egyptian Civilization where intricately engraved wooden wide-toothed combs were used to style Afro textured hair.

The University of Cambridge Fitzwilliam Museum has on display the oldest Pick to date, from Egypt. The symbols contained on these ‘Picks’ contained cultural and political references, demonstrating their role in providing status and pride as well as fashion within ancient civilization.

In 1972, at the heart of the ‘Black Power Movement’ and resurgence of Afrocentric 70’s sentiments, the original plastic tool termed the ‘Styling Pick’ in its black fist form, was patented and commercialized by a man named Anthony R. Romani. The hundreds of combs and picks on display in museums today show that, over time the design of the ‘Pick’ has stayed true to its roots and has not changed.

From Ancient Egypt, to Romani and now 3 Kings Grooming; we are an ancestral lineage of luxury and power bringing you the opulence that is your birth right.


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